Briefly Cyril,

never for a moment could I get confused between Derrida-Foucault-Barthes and Co. and MARX! The more likely confusion is between Hegel and them.

I share your antipathy, but that's not the point is it? My antipathy to the entirety of social conditions at the moment is even stronger!

My interest in the relation of Marx to Hegel, the relevance of the current discussion, is not to "set the historical record straight", or correct academic or political errors of the past, but to get some help in working out in working out how to overthrow existing social conditions, and in particular, in learning what is to be learnt from a study of those who most clearly reflect the nature of these social conditions in their writing (be they opponents or apologists of capitalism).

To be honest, I am trying to get help from you and others on this list who share an interest in Hegel and/or Marx and a fundamental hatred of capitalism to that struggle.