From: cyrilsmith- at (Mr C Smith)

Subject: Re 'dialectics' - again.

Dear Andy,

I think it's time I asked - yet again - for someone to tell us just what this discussion of the dreaded 'dialectics' is actually about. When Hegel - or any other philosophical geezer - talks about the world, just what are they discussing? Only when this is clarified could I begin to understand what this agonising over whether there is a dialectic in, on, around or underneath nature is really looking for.

As far as I'm concerned, I refuse to pay any attention unless it concerns the relationship of humans to each other and to nature. (These two are inextricable, because the human relationship with nature is a social one.) Only in this context have philosophers got any business meddling with physics, chemistry, biology etc. There might then be a pay-off in the illumination of some problems faced by the natural scientists. This is because their difficulties often express the contradictions of social life, only the poor dears haven't got a clue about that.

Before we get further into the mire, can somebody please answer!!


PS Please don't tell me that my contributions are 'stimulating'. That just means you are going to ignore the issue.