From: "Stephen Taylor" <steve- at>

Subject: dialectics of nature

Andy Blunden wrote

Mmmm. A few days have gone by and dead silence after my contribution on the vexed question of the Dialectics of Nature, despite the encouraging flair-up of interest in the question previously. Seriously, is the silence because:
(1) People are considering the question and writing up serious contributions

*I can only answer for myself. I have read the content with maximum interest but have not felt compelled or able to reply in specifico (to coin a Latin phrase :- ).

(2) My attachment is hard to open and no-one has been able to read it

*For me it opened like a dream and proven amenable to saving and converting directly to Word (which I know how to manage).

Seriously, I want to respond on the question of the relative merits of Volume 14 and Volume 38 of Lenin's Works or "Did Lenin discover dialectics in 1915?", and also make a modest comment on James' Notes on Dialectics, but I am wondering if I am failing to communicate in some way.

*I think the highly specialised nature of the content, its potential for universal applicability (being the nature of the underlying philosophy), and the relatively small number in recipient pool give the answer here. I look forward to venturing a response on one or two points when circumstance in my quarter will permit.