Hegel's Lectures on Aesthetics.

Translator’s Postscript

(i) Hegel’s quotations from the Bhagavad Gita on p. 367 above are subject to later correction. They were translated from the Latin version by A. W. Schlegel (Bonn, 1823). See Ene. 573 and the note ad lac. in the edition edited by Nicolin and Poggeler (Hamburg, Meiner Phil. Bibl., 1959)

(ii) Dr. M. J. Petry informs me that the author of the Notes in the Morning Chronicle, quoted by Hegel on p. 766 above, was Hazlitt. See his Complete Works, vol. x, pp. 221-3

(iii) The passage from Vasari’s life of Fra Angelico, quoted on p. 878 above, may be found in, for example, Mrs. Foster’s translation of the Lives of the Painters (London, 1851), vol. ii, pp. 34-5.