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Heinrich Heine Archive

1797 - 1856

Heinrich Heine


Autobiographical Sketch, 1835
The Silesian Weavers, 1844
Pomare, 1851
Letter to Dumas, 1854
Preface, to Lutèce, 1855
Letter I, from Lutèce, 1855
Letter XX, from Lutèce, 1855
Letter XXV, “The King Cried,” from Lutèce, 1840
Letter XXXI, “Money is the god of our era, and Rothschild is his prophet,” from Lutèce, 1841
Letter XXXVIII, from Lutèce, 1841
Letter XLIV, “Communism ... the Somber Hero,” from Lutèce, 1841
Letter XLIX, “The republic...has an instinctive fear of communism,” from Lutèce, 1842
Letter to Eurèle Montéget, 1855
Letter to Dumas on the Smell of a Fifty Franc Note, 1855

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