List of Claims of the Annamese People

By Nguyen Ai Quoc



Written: For the 1919 Paris Peace Conference that drew up the terms for post-Worl War I Europe. 
Transcription/Markup: Vanya, 2014.
Online Version: Ho Chi Minh Internet Archive ( 2014.



While waiting for the sacred right of nations to self-determination to be recognised, the people of the former kingdom of Annam, now a French possession in Indochina, present the following demands to the governments of the Allied powers in general, and the French government in particular:

Complete amnesty of Vietnamese political prisoners.

A reform of legislation in Indochina, providing Vietnamese with the same juridical guarantees as the Europeans and abolition of the special tribunals, an instrument of terror against the best Vietnamese.

Freedom of the press and freedom of opinion.

Freedom of association and freedom of assembly.

Freedom of emigration and residence abroad.

Right to education, opening of technical and occupational educational establishments for the population in all provinces.

Substitution of a system of laws for the system of decrees.

In the French Parliament there must be a permanent Vietnamese representative elected in his own country, in order to express the will and aspirations of his countrymen.