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Keller in 1912

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"If ever there was a superwoman that woman is Helen Keller. By her indomitable will she wrought a miracle, and when one ponders over her achievements, the brain is dazzled by the possibilities of the human mind. To us Socialist Helen Keller ought to be doubly precious, for she is our Comrade – let us glory in that."
        – Socialist Party daily, the Call, May 4, 1913


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Introduction: The Socialist Legacy of Helen Keller



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FBI file on Helen Keller

Photo: John Macy reads to Helen Keller while Anne Sullivan-Macy watches, circa 1914


Awakening to Life, on the education of deaf-blind children in the Soviet Union, Alexander Meshcheryakov, 1974
The Helen Keller Papers
The Real Helen Keller (movie)



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