Liu Shaoqi

How to Be a Good Communist

Written/Published: July 1939
Source: Selected Works of Liu Shaoqi, Volume I
First Published: Foreign Languages Press
Online Version: Liu Shaoqi Reference Archive, February 2004
Transcription and Markup: Kenneth Higham and Mike B.

Liu's Party Portrait


I. Why Communists Must Undertake Self Cultivation

II. Be Worthy Pupils of Marx and Lenin

III. The Self-Cultivation of Communists and the Revolutionary Practice of the Masses

IV. The Unity of Theoretical Study and Ideological Self-Cultivation

V.The Cause of Communism is the Greatest and Most Arduous Undertaking in Human History

VI. A Party Member's Personal Interests Must be Unconditionally Subordinated to the Interests of the Party

VII. Examples of Wrong Ideology in the Party

VIII. The Source of Wrong Ideology in Our Party

IX. Attitudes Towards Wrong Ideology in the Party and Towards Inner-Party Struggle