Liu Shaoqi

On the Party [A]

Written/Published: May 14, 1945
Source: Selected Works of Liu Shaoqi, Volume I
First Published: Foreign Languages Press
Online Version: Liu Shaoqi Reference Archive, March 2004
Transcription and Markup: Kenneth Higham and Mike B.



I. Introduction

II. The General Programme of the Party Constitution

III. Conerning the Characteristics of the Chinese Revolution

IV. Concerning the Mass Line of Our Party

V. Democratic Centralism Within the Party

[A] In the original transcription of this work, the Editorial Committee on Party Literature (Central Committee of the Communist Party of China) opted to separate editorial and explanatory notes into two separate categories, independently numbered relative to (1) the type of note and (2) chronological appearance in the text.

Both editorial and explanatory notes are presented in the present transcription in chronological order based solely on the current order of relevance to the selected text.

Additionally, the Pinyin (Chinese phonetic alphabet) spellings of Chinese proper names are used exclusively throughout the present transcription to preserve the continuity of the original transcription.