Liu Shaoqi & Zhou Enlai

Message from Chairman Liu Shaoqi and Premier Zhou Enlai to Roberto Chiari, President of the Republic of Panama

Written: January 1964
Source: Statement Expressing the Chinese People's Firm Support for the Panamanian People's Just, Patriotic Cause (pamphlet)
Online Version: Liu Shaoqi Internet Archive, December 2003
Transcribed/HTML Markup: Kenneth Higham and Roland Ferguson

His Excellency Respected President Roberto Chiari:

On behalf of the government of the People’ s Republic of China, we hereby express our strongest indignation at the U.S. atrocities of aggression in trampling on the national sovereignty of Panama and slaughtering Panamanian people, and extend our high respects to the government and people of Panama for their just struggle to safeguard their national sovereignty and oppose U.S. aggression, our heartfelt for the Panamanian patriots massacred by U.S. troops and our sincere sympathy to the dependents of the fallen heroes and to those who were injured.

The heroic Panamanian people have waged protracted and unremitting struggles to win back their sovereignty over the Panama Canal Zone. Now Your Excellency and the Panamanian government have justly demanded form the U.S. government a complete revision of the canal treaty and the withdrawal of U.S. troops. The Panamanian people have begun a patriotic action on a nation-wide scale for the realization of these demands. The demands and actions of the Panamanian government and people are absolutely just and have won the support and sympathy of people throughout the world.

The Chinese government and people steadfastly side with Panama. We firmly believe that the Panamanian people will certainly win the final victory in their great, patriotic and just struggle.

Liu Shaoqi

Chairman of the People’s Republic of China

Zhou Enlai

Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China

January 12, 1964

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