Portrait in Wuhan 1927 (32 KB)

“The Red Flag Round the Serf, Halberd in Hand” (traditional painting)  date unknown

In northern Shensi  1936

With eldest son Anying at the Fragrant Hills 1949 (56 KB)

Delivering report at Second Plenary of the Central Committee of the CPC
1949 (56 KB)

At Chingkangshan 1965 (60 KB)

At the Eleventh Plenary Session of the Eighth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China 1966 (56 KB)

Reviewing the army of the great Proletarian Cultural Revolution from Tien An Men Gate August 18, 1966 (80 KB)

Relaxing in the mountains  date unknown (32 KB)

“Chairman Mao in his Study”  (woodcut by Chang-Chiang)   date unknown (82 KB)


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