Mao Tse-tung 1937


Letter to Earl Browder, General Secretary of the Communist Party of the USA


Source: Earl Browder, China and the U.S.A., Workers Library, New York, October 1937, pages 10-11.  Transcribed and prepared by Juan Fajardo, 8 August 2020.


[Just before 24 June 1937]


My dear Comrade Browder:

Taking advantage of the comrade’s visit, I am sending this letter to you, our respected Comrade Browder, good friend of the Chinese people and leader of the American people.

Both the Communist Party of China and the Communist Party of U.S.A. are confronted with a historic task, the task of resisting and overthrowing the aggressive policy of Japanese imperialism. The Chinese Party is endeavoring to bring about an anti-Japanese national united front. Although our work is passing through a difficult period, we have already made progress and we are doing our best to bring about the desired result.

From several American friends, and from other sources, we learned that the Communist Party of the United States and the masses of the American people are deeply concerned with China’s struggle against Japan and have given us assistance in many ways. This makes us feel that our struggle is by no means isolated and we are heroically assisted from abroad. At the same time we feel that when we achieve victory, this victory will be of considerable help to the struggle of the American people for liberation. The world is now on the eve of a great explosion. The working class of the world and all the peoples who desire liberation must unite for the common struggle.

Revolutionary greetings,