John McTaggart Ellis McTaggart 1910

A Commentary on Hegel’s Logic


CHAPTERS II, III, VIII, IX, and X of this book are based on articles which appeared in Mind (Oct. 1902; April, 1904; April and July, 1897; Jan. 1899; and April, 1900). In many cases, however, both the interpretation and the criticism as now published are materially different from the earlier versions.

I am much indebted to my wife for her aid in reading this book in proof, and for many valuable suggestions, as also to Mr Bertrand Russell for his kindness in reading Chapter III, and for giving me much assistance in the treatment of the categories of Quantity. I owe much, too, to the criticisms and suggestions of the pupils to whom I have lectured on Hegel’s philosophy.

Trinity College, Cambridge.
January, 1910.