Marxism and Anti-Imperialism in India: Vinod Mishra



An appeal to the Students and Youth of Assam (December, 1979)

Strengthen the Party Organisation (December, 1979)

Evaluation of the Past (1982)

Anti-Autocratic Front (December, 1982)

More on People's Front (January, 1984)

Oppose Army Action in Punjab! Safeguard National Unity! (July, 1984)

Make All-Out Efforts to Achieve a Theoretical Breakthrough (March, 1986)

On Consolidation Campaign (March, 1986)

Introduction to the Report from the Flaming Fields of Bihar (May 13, 1986)

Peasant Struggles in Central Bihar (1987)

CPI(M)'s tactics of Government Formation in States (January, 1988)

The Question of World Peace (January 1988)

On Building A Left and Democratic Confederation (November, 1988)

Vladimir Ilich Vs Rosa Luxemburg - A Study Based On Lenin's Writings (November, 1988)

Student Demos in Beijing and their Aftermath (June, 1989)

More on Left Confederation (January, 1990)

Let Us Hold High the Banner of Marxism-Leninism (March, 1990)

Learning the ABC of Marxism (June, 1990)

Central Committee's Message to the IPF Rally held on 8 October 1990 (1990)

India of My Dreams (date unknown)

CPI(ML) The Firm Defender of theRevolutionary Legacy of Indian Communists (1991)

The Fall of VP Singh and After (January 1991)

Mao and His Thought (January 1991)

Imperialism, Socialism and the Gulf War (April, 1991)

The Politics of War (April, 1991)

On Party's Political Tactics (October, 1991)

On the Development in Soviet Russia (October, 1991)

On National Unity (1992)

Ideological resolutions - V Congress (1992)

On Communalism (December 1992)

On the International Situation - From V Congress Document (December, 1992)

The Struggle against Liquidationism (December, 1992)

Exposing the Saffron Scheme: A Popular Outline (April-August, 1993)

"Communism is not the philosophy of poverty, it is the philosophy of abundance" -- Speech at the CPN(UML) Congress (April, 1993)

Speech Delivered at the All-India Convention Against the Dunkel Draft (May 1993)

How Did Our Party Evolve ? (May-July, 1993)

Emerging Pattern of Left Unity and Continuing Struggle (May 1993)

Homage to Comrade Madan Bhandari -- A Death Heavier than the Himalayas! (June, 1993)

The Question of Women Liberation in the Perspective of Marxism (August, 1993)

From General Redistribution to the Nationalisation of Land (September-November, 1993)

"People Who Live in Glass Houses..." - Polemics with People's Democracy over Rashtriya Ekta Abhiyan (September, 1993)

Remembering Mao (December, 1993)

Whither Indian Muslims? (December, 1993)

Bihar Vikas Convention (1994)

Fight Ideological Decay and Strengthen Party Unity (March, 1994)

"Marxism needs a work comparable to Das Kapital..." (March, 1994)

Antithesis of Caste and Class An Orthodox Marxist Hypothesis (April, 1994)

"Marxism will have to be defended through its enrichment" - Inaugural Address to the Central Party School (June, 1994)

State Cadre Meet (August 27, 1994)

1995 assembly elections - Scrutinising Bihar Elections (1995)

In Search of A Third Front (January 1995)

More on the Antithesis of Class and Caste (January 1995)

CPI(ML) Liberation Manifesto for 1995 Bihar Assembly Election (March, 1995)

Refurbish the party Organisation! Revitalise the Ties with the Masses!! (April, 1995)

"We must make serious efforts to build up the Party organisation" -- Speech at Diphu Conference (August, 1995)

1995 assembly elections — Scrutinising Bihar Elections(1996)

CPI's Sixteenth Congress: Left Unity - Some Unanswered Questions (January 1996)

"Come, let us take the country along a new road!" -- Speech at Adhikar Rally (April 1996)

Dynamic of National Political Situation and The Tactics of the Left (June 1996)

It is time to rebuild the third force (June 1996)

1996 Parliamentary Elections in Bihar (June 1996)

Bathani Tola Massacre and Media Cover-up (September 7, 1996)

Retrieve the Revolutionary Core of Marxism (October, 1996)

On Ranvir Sena (1997)

More on the Ranvir Sena (1997)

Main Features of the Peasant Movement (1997)

Autonomous State Movement in the Hill Districts (1997)

Current Political Situation and Review of Our Tactics (1997)

The Dalit Question (1997)

Bihar Economy in a Death-trap (January 29-31, 1997)

Deng Xiaoping — The Maverick Departs (April, 1997)

World Politics and Economics in the Era of Globalisation (April, 1997)

Laloo's Fall and the 'Left's' Dilemma (July, 1997)

Muslims should align themselves with the Left (August 10, 1997)

The Muslim Question (August 10, 1997)

Inaugural Address to the VI Congress (November, 1997)

Concluding Speech to the VI Congress (November, 1997)

Deepening Crisis and the Search for Stability (January, 1998)

On Jehanabad killings : This Battle must be Won (January, 1998)

New Phase of National Politics and Redefinition of Our Tasks (April, 1998)

On Anil Barua (April, 1998)

Turn CPI(ML) into the Main Left Force in Assam (June, 1998)

Blasts Pose a Threat to Democracy (July, 1998)

Leftists must educate people on the politics behind the bomb (September, 1998)

Develop a Correct Style of Work to Develop the Party (September, 1998)

Panchamarhi, Chennai and ...Calcutta - Hold High the Banner of Revolutionary Marxism and Strive Hard for Greater Successes (January, 1999)

Additional WorksSelected Writings (CPI-ML website)


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