Bernard Shaw

Bernard Shaw and the Revolution

Source: The Liberator, December, 1922
Transcribed: by Mitch Abidor
HTML formatting: David Walters in 2005 for the Marxists Internet Archive
Public Domain: Bernard Shaw Reference Archive 2005. This work is completely free.

I. We wrote to Shaw: Will the Russian Soviet Republic continue to Hold out?

Bernard Shaw wrote us in reply: Why not?

II. Does it offer, aside from local and accidental Features, the pattern of a new world-order?

Shaw: It formally inaugurated a new epoch; but its patterns are still in a very early experimental stage.

III. Do you look for a general European revolution in your lifetime?

Shaw: Not again at 66. Europe is too big And not sufficiently integrated and organized, to be capable of any single simultaneous operation,; but I have seen her shake off three super-empires and replace them with republics; so that she is now predominately republican and only apologetically and shakily dynastic-monarchical. Surely that is enough for a lifetime.