J. V. Stalin

Letter to V.I. Lenin

First Published: First published in 1938, in the magazine Bolshevik, No.2,
Source: J. V. Stalin, Works, Volume 4, pages 129. Foreign Languages Publishing House, Moscow, 1953
Transcription: Hari Kumar for Alliance-ML
HTML: Mike B. for MIA, 2005

Dear Comrade Lenin,(1)

The fight is on for the South and the Caspian. In order to keep all this area (and we can keep it!) we need several light destroyers and a couple of submarines (ask Artyom about the details). I implore you, break down all obstacles and so facilitate the immediate delivery of what we request. Baku, Turkestan and the North Caucasus will be ours (unquestionably!), if our demands are immediately met.

Things at the front are going well. I have no doubt that they will go even better (the Cossacks are becoming completely demoralized).

Warmest greetings, my dear and beloved Ilyich.

Yours, Stalin
August 31, 1918

(1) On receiving J.V.Stalin's letter, V.I.Lenin deleted the superscripsion and subscription and sent it to Petrograd as his personal directive.