Works of Stalin 1927

Greetings to the
Stalingrad Newspaper Borba

Source: J. V. Stalin Works, Vol. IX, December 1926-July 1927, pp. 172
Publisher: Foreign Languages Publishing House, Moscow, U.S.S.R., 1954
First Published: The newspaper Borba (Stalingrad), No. 122, May 31, 1927
Transcription/Markup: Brian Reid
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Dear Comrades,

The ten years of Borba’s1 militant activity at its revolutionary post gives rise to a glorious anniversary of which the workers of Stalingrad may be proud.

The struggle against the generals—Krasnov and Denikin—the driving out of the counter-revolutionaries and Western interventionists, the overcoming of economic disruption, the achievements on the front of the peaceful building of a new life—such are the chief events in the life of the Stalingrad proletariat during these past ten years. Throughout this period Borba has stood in the front ranks of the fighters for socialism, lighting the way for the working people.

Ardent greetings to Borba! I wish it fresh successes!

J. Stalin
February 22, 1927
The newspaper Borba (Stalingrad), No. 122,
May 31, 1927



1.  Borba (Struggle)—a newspaper, which was published from May 1917 as the organ of the Tsaritsyn Committee of the R.S.D.L.P.(B.), and from the end of 1917 as the organ of the Tsaritsyn Soviet of Workers’, Soldiers’, Peasants’ and Cossacks’ Deputies. When Tsaritsyn was renamed Stalingrad, the newspaper became the organ of the Stalingrad gubernia and city Party and Soviet organisations. Its last issue, No. 58 (4670), appeared on March 14, 1933.