J. V. Stalin

To the Students of the Communist
University of the Toilers of the East

Source: Works, Vol. 9, December-July, 1927, pp. 205-206
Publisher: Foreign Languages Publishing House, Moscow, 1954
First Published: Pravda, No. 121, May 31, 1927
Transcription/Markup: Brian Reid
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Dear Comrades,

Two years ago, when I addressed you on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the Communist University of the Toilers of the East, I spoke of the tasks of the University both in relation to the Soviet Republics and in relation to the oppressed countries of the East.1

The University, in performance of its tasks, is now sending into the fire of battle new cadres of fighters, its fourth set of graduates, representatives of 74 nationalities, comrades armed with the mighty weapon of Leninism.

These comrades are starting out, on their militant labours at one of the most crucial moments of history, when world imperialism, and British imperialism in the first place, is trying to seize the Chinese revolution by the throat and is at the same time casting a challenge to the first proletarian state in the world—the Soviet Union—in the hope of annihilating this mighty and unshakeable bulwark of the proletarians of all countries.

Greeting our comrades who have just graduated, I express my firm conviction that they will perform with honour their duty towards the proletariat and will devote all their energies and knowledge to the cause of emancipating the toiling people of the East from imperialist oppression.

J. Stalin
Pravda, No. 121
May 31, 1927



1. See “The Political Tasks of the University of the Peoples of the East.” J. V. Stalin, Works, Vol. 7, pp. 135-54.