J. V. Stalin

To the Sverdlov University

On Its Tenth Anniversary
May, 1928

Source: Works, Vol. 11, January, 1928 to March, 1929
Publisher: Foreign Languages Publishing House, Moscow, 1954
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The ten years' existence of the Sverdlov University 1 is a signal achievement of the Party on the front of the struggle for training new Leninist cadres.

In these ten years the Sverdlov University has given the Party hundreds and thousands of young forces who are devoted to the cause of communism and have become successors to the old guard of Bolsheviks.

In these ten years the university has fully justified its existence and shown that it is not for nothing that it bears the name of its founder, that foremost champion of communism, Y. M. Sverdlov.

The task of the Sverdlov University is to train working-class members of the Party to master the scientific method of Marx and Lenin and to apply it properly in the work of building socialism, and this task it has performed, is performing, and will continue to perform with honour.

Congratulations to past and present Sverdlovians on the tenth anniversary of the Y. M. Sverdlov Communist University!

Congratulations to the Sverdlovians of the anniversary graduation, the new detachment of builders of socialism!

J. Stalin


Pravda, No. 122, May 27, 1928


1. In 1918, on the initiative of Y. M. Sverdlov, short-term agitation and propaganda courses were organised under the auspices of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee. In January 1919 they were renamed the School of Soviet Work. This school formed the basis of the Central School of Soviet and Party Work, instituted by decision of the Eighth Congress of the R.C.P.(B.). In the latter half of 1919 the Central School was transformed into the Y. M. Sverdlov Communist University. The tenth anniversary of the Sverdlov University was celebrated on May 28, 1928.