J. V. Stalin

To The Chairman of the Grain Trust Board. To all State Grain Farms

May, 1931

Source: Works, Vol. 13, 1930 - January 1934
Publisher: Foreign Languages Publishing House, Moscow, 1954
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Fraternal greetings to the leading force of the new Soviet agriculture, to the socialist standard-bearer of the new technique and the new methods of organising agriculture, to the system of state grain farms, its working men and working women, its technicians and specialists, its leaders and instructors!

Do not rest content with having fulfilled the sowing plan. You can and must overfulfil this plan, for you have every possibility required for doing so.

Bring into line your lagging detachments in Siberia and especially in the Far East, render the utmost assistance to the collective farms, get the preparations for the harvest under way—the chief immediate task of the state grain farms—and achieve new successes.

Forward to new victories!

J. Stalin

Pravda, No. 147, May 30, 1931