J.V. Stalin

Reply to the Letter of Mr. Richardson
Representative of the Associated Press News Agency*

First Published: Pravda, No. 93., April 3, 1932
Source: Works, J.V. Stalin, Foreign Languages Publishing House, Moscow, 1954, Volume 13, p. 136
Transcription/HTML Markup: Hari Kumar for Alliance Marxist-Leninist (North America)
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To Mr. Richardson,

This is not the first time that false rumours that I am ill are circulating in the bourgeois press. Obviously, there are people to whose interest it is that I should fall ill seriously and for a long time; if not worse. Perhaps it is not very tactful of me, but unfortunately I have no data capable of gratifying these gentlemen.

Sad though it may be, nothing will avail against facts, viz., that I am in perfect health. As for Mr. Zondeck, he can attend to the health of other comrades, which is why he has been invited to come to the U.S.S.R.

J. Stalin

* In a letter dated March 25, 1932, addressed to J.V.Stalin, Mr Richardson , representative of Associated Press news agency asked if about the truth of the rumors in the foreign press that the Berlin physician m Zondeck, had been invited to Moscow to treat J.V.Stalin