J. V. Stalin

Order of the Day

September 10, 1943

Source: Works, Vol. 15
Publisher: Red Star Press Ltd., London, 1984
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Issued by Marshal Stalin and addressed to Army General Malinovsky and Colonel-General Tolbukhin

Our troops of the south-west front, continuing their successful offensive, to-day, September 10, captured the town of Barvenkovo and the" town and most important railway junction of Chaplino.

To-day also our troops of the southern front, by a violent blow, captured the most important junction of the Azov railway lines, Volnovakha, and advancing along the coast of the Azov sea, liberated from the German invaders the large centre of the metal industry of the south, the town and port of Mariupol. This new success was achieved by our troops in the south as a result of a daring manoeuvre of our cavalry and mechanized troops which broke through into the rear of the German troops.

In the fighting for the towns of Mariupol, Barvenkovo, Volnovakha and Chaplino the following troops distinguished themselves:

The Don Cossack cavalrymen under Major-Gerneral Selivanov, tankmen under Lieutenant-General of Tank Forces Pushkin and Lieutenant-General Russyanov, the troops under the command of Lieutenant-General Chuikov, Lieutenant-General Lelyushenko, Lieutenant-General Khomenko, airmen under Lieutenant-General of Aviation Sudets, Lieutenant-General of Aviation Khryuk-in, Major-General of Aviation Tupikov and sailors under the command of Rear-Admiral Gorshkov, who landed forces west of Mariupol.

The following troops distinguished themselves particularly: the 11th Guards Don Cossack Cavalry Division under the command of Colonel Slanov, the 130th Taganrog Infantry Division under Colonel Sychev, the 221st Infantry Division under Colonel Blazhevich, the 3rd . Guards Infantry Division under Major-Gen-eral Tsalikov, the 39th Guards Infantry Division under Colonel Leshchinin, the 9th Guards Fighter Aviation Division under Colonel Dzusov, the 5th.Guards Mechanized Brigade under Colonel Safronov, the 6th Guards Mechanized Brigade under Colonel Artemenko, the 12th Motorized Infantry Brigade under Lieutenant-Colonel Zharov, the 3rd Tank Brigade under Lieutenant-Colonel Devyatko, the 39th Tank Brigade under Lieutenant-Colonel Bespalov, the 31st- Guards Independent Tank Brigade under Major-General of Tank Forces Burdov, the 65th Tank Brigade under Colonel Shevchenko, the 1,890th Independent Self-Propelled Light Artillery Regiment under Lieutenant-Colonel Gurin and the 517th Independent Tank Battalion under Captain Nesterov.

To commemorate the victory the formations and units which distinguished themselves in the battles for the liberation of the towns of Volnovakha, Mariupol, Chaplino and Barvenkovo will be awarded titles as follows:

The title "Mariupol Troops" to the 221st Infantry Division, the 9th Guards Fighter Aviation Division.

The title "Volnovakha Troops" to the 11th Guards Don Cavalry Division, the 3rd Guards Infantry Division, the 5th Guards Mechanized Brigade, the 6th Guards Mechanized Brigade, the 12th Motorized Infantry Brigade, the 655th Tank Brigade.

The title "Chaplino Troops" to the 3rd Tank Brigade, the 39th Tank Brigade.

The title "Barvenkovo Troops" to the 39th Guards Infantry Division, the 31st Guards Independent Tank Brigade, the 1,890th Independent Self-Propelled Light Artillery Regiment and the 517th Independent Tank Battalion.

Henceforth these formations and units shall be called:

The 221st Mariupol Infantry Division, the 9th Mariupol Guards Fighter Aviation Division; the 11th Volnovakha Guards Don Cavalry Division, the 3rd Volnovakha Guards Infantry Division, the 5th Volnovakha Guards Mechanized Brigade, the 6th Volnovakha Guards Mechanized Brigade, the 12th Volnovakha Motorized Infantry Brigade, the 65th Volnovakha Tank Brigade; the 3rd Chaplino Infantry Brigade, the 39th Chaplino Tank Brigade; the 39th Barvenkovo Guards Infantry Division, the 31st Barvenkovo Guards Independent Tank' Brigade, the 1,890th Barvenkovo Self-Propelled Light Artillery Regiment, the 517th Barvenkovo Independent Tank Battalion.

The 130th Taganrog Infantry Division, which has distinguished itself for the second time in fighting against the German invaders, is recommended for the award of the order of the Red Banner.

To-day, September 10th, at 20.00 hours, the capital of our Motherland, Moscow, on behalf, of the Motherland salutes our gallant troops which liberated the towns of Mariupol, Volnovakha, Chaplino and Barvenkovo, with 12 artillery salvoes from 124 guns.

For distinguished battle operations I express my thanks to all troops commanded by you which participated in the fighting for Mariupol, Volnovakha, Chaplino and Barvenkovo.

Eternal glory to the heroes who fell in the fight for the freedom and independence of our Motherland!

Death to the German invaders!

(Signed)   STALIN
Supreme Commander-in-Chief
Marshal of the Soviet Union