J. V. Stalin

Order of the Day

September 23, 1943

Source: Works, Vol. 15
Publisher: Red Star Press Ltd., London, 1984
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Issued by Marshal Stalin

In the battle for the liberation from the German-fascist invaders of the towns of Novo-Moskovsk, Sinelnikovo, Lozovaya Pavlograd, examples of military skill and the ability to manoeuvre were displayed by the 195th Infantry Division (Colonel Suchkov), the 333rd Infantry Division (Major-General Golosko), the 25th Guards Red Banner Infantry Division (Colonel Milyutin), the 35th Guards Red Banner Infantry Division (Major-General Kulagin), the 38th Guards Infantry Division (Colonel Shcherbakov), the 295th Air Fighter Division (Colonel Seliver-stov), the 244th Air Bomber Division (Major-General Klevtsov), the 262nd Night Bomber Aircraft Division (Colonel Belitsky), the 305th Stormovik Aircraft Division (Colonel Mesevich), the 288th Fighter Aircraft Division (Colonel Smirnov), and the 269th Independent Sapper Battalion (Captain Shevchuk).

To commemorate these successes, these formations and units shall henceforth be named: The 195th Novo-Moskovsk Infantry Division, the 295th Novo-Moskovsk Air Fighter Division; the 333rd Sinelnikovo Infantry Division, the 25th Guards Red Banner Sinelnikovo Infantry Division; the 35th Guards Red Banner Lozovaya Infantry Division, the 38th Guards Lozovaya Infantry Division, the 244th Lozovaya Air Bomber Division, the 262nd Lozovaya Night Bomber Air Division; the 305th Pavlograd Stormovik Aircraft Division, the 288th Pavlograd Fighter Aircraft Division and the 269th Pavlograd Independent Sapper Battalion.

Supreme Commander-in-Chief
Marshal of the Soviet Union