J. V. Stalin

Stalin and Benes exchange messages

April, 1944

Source : Works, Vol. 15
Publisher : Red Star Press Ltd., London, 1984
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From President Benes to Marshal Stalin

At the moment when the victorious Red Army, and with it the Czechoslovak Brigade have reached the frontiers of our Republic I convey to you, as the Supreme Commander-in Chief and the representative of the People of the Soviet Union, on behalf of our people and of the Czechoslovak Government, and in my own name, the most cordial greetings.

By entering the territory of our homeland today, the Red Army is achieving a great new victory over our common foe, and is bringing our people freedom and the hope of a happier and secure future.

In this historic moment we not only remember all our ancient bonds of friendship, sealed anew by my recent journey to Moscow and the signature of our new Agreement, but also rejoice in the forecast of our collaboration in securing European peace together with the other Allies and for the good of our two countries.

Our common sufferings and our common struggle guarantee the durability of the bonds between us, both now and in the future.

We salute heartily and with gratitude the forces of the Red Army, which together with Czechoslovak soldiers, are entering the territory of our beloved Motherland.

From Marshal Stalin to President Benes

I thank you for the friendly greetings on the occasion of the Red Army’s successes when the Soviet Forces reached the frontier of Czechoslovakia.

I have no doubt that the common struggle of our nations against the common foe will lead in a short time to the restoration of the freedom and independence of the Czechoslovak Republic.