J. V. Stalin

Reply to the Workers of the Kramatorsk, Novo-Kramatorsk Stalin Plant of September, 1944

Source : Works, Vol. 15
Publisher : Red Star Press Ltd., London, 1984
Transcription/HTML Markup : Salil Sen for MIA, 2009
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To Comrades Peschany, Alpov, Koshman, Potanin, Kuznetsov, Shvets, Kokotko, Kalini-chenko, Freedman and August:

I greet and congratulate the workers, mechanics and office employees of the Novo-Kramatorsk Stalin Plant, and the builders of the Donbas section of the People’s Commissariat of the Civil Engineering Industry and of the construction department of the People’s Commissariat of the Heavy Machine Building Industry, on the tenth anniversary of the plant and on the great production victory they have achieved - the restoration of the plant’s first group of shops and the production of the first pit hoisting machines for the Donets Basin and Krivoi Rog.

By your intensive labour you have succeeded in a brief’ space of time, despite difficult war conditions, in restoring the first group of shops of one of the largest plants of heavy machine building, so essential to our country for the development of our socialist industry and the reparation of the damage inflicted by the enemy on the national economy.

The Party and the Government highly appreciate your selfless labour to increase the productive forces of our country.

I wish you further success in your efforts for the complete restoration of the plant.