J. V. Stalin

Order of the Day

October 18, 1944

Source : Works, Vol. 15
Publisher : Red Star Press Ltd., London, 1984
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Order of the Day, addressed to Col.-Gen. Petrov, announces that troops of the Fourth Ukrainian Front, continuing their offensive, have crossed the Carpathian Range and - having captured the Passes of Lupkovo, Ruske, Uzok, Verecky, Viskovsky and Jablinicky (Tatar) advanced into the depth of the territory of Czechoslovakia up to 20 - 50 kilometres along a front of 275 kilometres.

In the course of the offensive, the troops of the front captured the Czechoslovak towns of Koros-Mezo (Jasina) and Rachovo, and the large populated places of Certizna,Velka-Polana, Ruske, Ljuta, Uzok, Nizni, Verecky, Zalomicka, Pilipecj Holyatin, Toruna and Nagy-Bocko. In Northern Transylvania they captured the town of Sighet.

The Order mentions 61 commanders of troops, artillerymen, tankmen, airmen, sappers and signallers whose units and formations have distinguished themselves.

A salute of 20 salvoes was fired from 224 Moscow guns.