J. V. Stalin

Order of the Day

October 23, 1944

Source : Works, Vol. 15
Publisher : Red Star Press Ltd., London, 1984
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Order of the Day, addressed to Army-General Chernyakhovsky, announces that troops of the Third Byelorussian Front, having launched an offensive, supported by massed artillery and aircraft, have broken through the permanent, deeply echeloned German defences covering the frontier of East Prussia and invaded East Prussia to a depth of 30 kilometres along a front of 140 kilometres. In the course of the offensive, troops of this front captured the powerful strongpoints of the enemy defence Schirwindt, Naumietsis, (Wladislavow), Willuhnen, Virbalis (Verzhobolovo), Kibartai (Kibarty), Eydtkuhnen, Stallupoenen, Milluhnen, Walterkehmen, Pillu-poenen, Wysztnyec, Mehlkehmen, Rominten, Gross Rominten, Vizhayny, Schitkehmen, Przerosl, Goldap, Filipow and Suvalki, as well as some 900 other populated places, of which more than 400 are on the territory of East Prussia.

The Order mentions 133 commanders of troops, artillerymen, tankmen, airmen, sappers and signallers whose units and formations have distinguished themselves.

A salute of 20 salvoes was fired from 224 Moscow guns.