J. V. Stalin

Reply to the message from
Groza and Tatarescu

March 29, 1945

Source : Works, Vol. 16
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To the President of the Ministers Council of Rumania, Peter Groza

Copy for the Vice-President of the Ministers Council and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, G. Tatarescu

Mr. President,

The Soviet Government has examined the demand of the Rumanian Government stated in your letter of March 8, concerning the establishment of Rumanian administration in the territory of Transylvania.

Taking into account that the new Rumanian Government, which now ensures the management of the country, takes upon itself the responsibility for necessary order and peace in the territory of Transylvania and the satisfaction of the rights of nationalities, as well as the conditions for the correct working of all local institutions serving the needs of the Front, the Soviet Government has decided to satisfy the request of the Rumanian Government and, conforming to the Agreement on the Armistice of September 12, 1944, to consent to the establishment of the administration of the Rumanian Government in Transylvania.

President of the Council of Commissaries of the People

("Pravda", 10 March, 1945)