J. V. Stalin

Replies to Questions put by Mr. Eddie Gilmore, Associated Press Correspondent

March 22nd, 1946

Source: J. V. Stalin on Post-War International Relations
Publisher: Soviet News, 1947
Transcription/Markup: Brian Reid for MIA, 2008
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The Associated Press correspondent Mr. Eddie Gilmore, addressed a number of questions to Generalissimo Stalin pertaining to the International situation. Below are Mr. Gilmore’s questions and Generalissimo Stalin’s replies, dated March 22, 1946:—

Question: What importance do you ascribe to the United Nations Organisation as a means of safeguarding world peace?

Answer: I ascribe great importance to the United Nations Organisation inasmuch as it is a serious instrument for maintaining peace and international security. The strength of this international organisation lies in the fact that it is based on the principle of the equality of States and not on the principle of the domination of some over others. If the United Nations Organisation succeeds in the future, too, in maintaining the principle of equality, then it will undoubtedly play a great positive role in guaranteeing universal peace and security.

Question: What in your opinion is the reason for the present war scare which is felt by many people in many countries?

Answer: I am convinced that neither nations nor their armies seek a new war. They want peace, and seek to secure the peace. That means that the present war scare does not come from that direction. I think that the present war scare is aroused by the actions of certain political groups who are engaged in propaganda for a new war and thus sowing the seeds of dissension and uncertainty.

Question: What should the Governments of the freedom-loving countries do at the present time to safeguard peace and tranquillity throughout the world?

Answer: It is necessary that the public and the ruling circles of the States organise widespread counter-propaganda against the propagandists for a new war, as well as for the maintenance of peace; that not a single utterance of the propagandists for a new war gets away without the rebuff it deserves on the part of public opinion and the press; that in this way the war-mongers be promptly exposed and given no opportunity to misuse freedom of speech against the interests of peace.