J. V. Stalin

Greetings and Good Wishes Telegram to the Kirov-Works Collective

On the occasion of the 150th Jubilee of the Kirov-Works and on its awand of the Order of Lenin

3 April, 1951

Source : Works, Vol. 16
Publisher : Red Star Press Ltd., London, 1986
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To the Director of the Works, Comrade Smirnov,

To the Chief Engineer of the Works, Comrade Sacharyin,

To the Party Organizer of the C.C., C.P.-S.U.(B.), Comrade Smirnov,

To the Chairman of the Management Committee, Comrade Bogdanov,

To the Comsomol Organizer of the C.C. of the Comsomol, Comrade Korssakov.

I congratulate and greet the Collective of men and women workers, engineers, technicians and employees on the 150th Jubilee of the Kirov-Works, formerly the Putilov-Works, and on its award of the Order of Lenin.

As one of the oldest factories in the country, the Kirov-Works has played an historic role in the revolutionary struggle of the Russian working class to build Soviet power and in the strengthening of the economy and the defence of our Motherland.

After the Great Patriotic War, the Collective has achieved great successes in the reconstruction of the Works and the resumption of production for the economy.

I wish you, Comrades Kirov-workers, further success in your work and in the fulfilment of the task entrusted to you by the Party and the government.


("Pravda," 3 April, 1951)