J. V. Stalin

Answers to Four Questions from a Group of Editors of American Newspapers

31 March, 1952

Source : Works, Vol. 16
Publisher : Red Star Press Ltd., London, 1986
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Q. Is a third world war presently as near as two or three years away?

A. No, it is not.

Q. Would a meeting of heads of state of the great powers be useful?

A. Possibly, it would be useful.

Q. Are you of the opinion that the present times are appropriate for Germany’s unification?

A. Yes, I am of that opinion.

Q. On what basis is it possible for capitalism and communism to live side by side?

A. It is possible for capitalism and communism to live side by side if both sides wish to cooperate and the readiness to do so exists, to fulfil the duties they have taken on themselves, if its basis is complete equality and noninterference in the internal “affairs of other states.


("Unity," 5 May, 1952, P. 417)