Anna Louise Strong

Letter to Susan Talmadge Detweiler

Written: December 29, 1952
First Published: MIA, 2005
Source: Personal Correspondence (image)
Transcription/HTML: Mike B. for MIA, 2005
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December 29, 1952

Dear Susan,

Being naturally disturbed at the alienation between two good people, Betty and you, both of whom I love, I encourage you to tell me in some detail what you have against Betty....I then took the first of these matters, — your resignation from the Peace Committee — which you said was the first and by far the most important — up with Betty for explanation... Your grievance you stated, was that she had not sent you a formal written acknowledgment of it...

I find, however, that Betty apparently did take your resignation very formally and seriously, in that she read it aloud to the entire Peace Committee, for their comments. She also states that she phoned you about it twice, once to tell you that to she was going to read it to the Committee, and again to tell you that she had... All of this seems to me a pretty formal indication that the seriousness of your step was both recognized and considered, not only by Betty but by the entire group.... To have sent you in addition a letter would seem to me to rather a work of super-erogation; and even a deepening of the rift... If I myself should resign from an organization, and they had noted by to phone calls and a reading aloud..... I should find an additional formal letter merely an attempt to deepen and underline the rift..... After all, neither you nor Betty are keepers of records on such affairs...

In the matter of the dinner engagement, I tend to agree with you that, that the expected you stay for dinner, she should have told you so herself and unless the to Margaret.. But that we both know that that Betty's lunches and dinners, — when connected with going to lectures and with folding bulletins — are pretty informal and taken for granted.. So, while it was regrettable, I think you might overlook this.... On the Dryden Phillips affair I know too little to comment....

In conclusion I know that the regrets the rest, and I know I do.... If you do also, then can't it be healed.. Without apologies on either side... That is always the best way, just by a forgetting and a resumption,

With love,
Anna Louise