Toussaint Louverture 1802

Tousssaint in Brest

Source: Victor Schoelcher, Vie de Toussaint Louverture. Paul Ollendorff Editeur, Paris, 1889;
Translated: for by Mitch Abidor;
CopyLeft: Creative Commons (Attribute & ShareAlike) 2004.

Upon his arrival in France, Toussaint was initially imprisoned in Brest.

Minister of the Marine to the Maritime Prefect, Brest
5 Thermidor, Year X (July 24, 1802)

Toussaint should be locked-up at the chateau of Brest. He must be held under good guard. He will have his domestic with him. You will surely act in concert with the commandant of the place in order to execute the intentions of the government in their regard. This general officer will receive from the Minister of War orders that I invite him to address immediately to him.

Placide, mulatto, son of Toussaint, should be sent from Brest to Belle-Isle-en-Mer. The two older children of Toussaint, his wife, his two nieces and their negress should also be sent by sea to Bayonne.

You will prescribe to the captains that they take the precautions that the nature of their mission will demand. Placide should be turned over to the commandant of the place of Belle-Isle. The rest of the family will be left at Bayonne under the surveillance of the municipal administration of that commune and the commandant of the place.