The Law of Freedom in a Platform. Gerrard Winstanley (1652)


1. This probably refers to Hugh Peter’s Good Work for a Good Magistrate, Published 7 June 1651 In January 1652 Peter was put on a Parliamentary committee for the reform of the law.

2. Law?

3. ‘Canon’ might be a misprint for ‘common’. But it is a legal term meaning ‘quit rent’. ‘Canon land’ here probably means land subject to some form of customary rent.

4. This theory had been put forward by Sir Robert Filmer in The Anarchy of a Limited or Mixed Monarchy (1648).

5. County.

6. County.

7. Rip.

8. Surgery.

9. Waste or squander.

10. Old?

11. Surgeons.

12. ‘Cannel’ is a bituminous coal.

13. Turners (probably).

14. Travail.

15. Land?

16. This sentence is incomplete.

17. The four elements

18. The Table of Contents is omitted.