Zhou Enlai

Message of Greetings to the Congress of the People

Kliptown, Johannesburg, South Africa
25th and 26th of June, 1955


Source: Messages to the Congress of the People, Kliptown, Johannesburg, 25th and 26th of June, 1955 http://historicalpapers-atom.wits.ac.za/ad1812-eg3-2-3-3-001-jpeg-pdf (Wits University Research Archives, University of the Witswatersrand, South Africa), page 1.
Transcription: Juan Fajardo.
Fair Use: Marxists Internet Archive (2023).



Chou En Lai:                 Prime Minister, People’s Republic of China:

On behalf of the Chinese people, I warmly greet the convocation of the Congress of the People and wish that the Congress will achieve new success in uniting the people of different origins and all sections in South Africa to oppose racial discrimination and to win freedom and democratic rights.

The Asian-African Conference has solemnly condemned colonialism and racial discrimination. The Chinese people, together with the peoples of other Asian and African countries and the people of the whole world, will continue to support the just struggle waged by the people of South Africa.