Zhu De

Message from Chairman Zhu De to Jorge Revan Rosas,
Speaker of the National Assembly of Panama

Written: January 1964
Source: Statement Expressing the Chinese People's Firm Support for the Panamanian People's Just, Patriotic Cause (pamphlet)
Online Version: Zhu De Internet Archive, December 2003
Transcribed/HTML Markup: Kenneth Higham and Roland Ferguson

His Excellency Speaker Jorge Reven Rosas:

The Chinese people are extremely indignant at the outrages of the U.S. authorities in the Panama Canal Zone in infringing on the national sovereignty of Panama and killing its patriotic people. They pay heartfelt tribute to the Panamanian people who are fighting heroically. The Chinese people firmly support the just struggle of the government and people of Panama to safeguard their national sovereignty and dignity and to regain their sovereignty over the Panama Canal Zone.

We are deeply convinced that the Panamanian people will certainly win final victory in the struggle.

Zhu De

Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China

January 12, 1964

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