Alfred Marshall (1890)

Principles of Economics: an introductory volume

alfred marshall

Written: 1890
Source: Rod Hay's Archive for the History of Economic Thought, McMaster University, Canada
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Table of Contents:
Book One: Preliminary Survey

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Substance of Economics
Chapter 3: Economic Generalization or Laws
Chapter 4: The Order and Aims of Economic Studies

Book Two: Some Fundamental Notions

Chapter 1: Introductory
Chapter 2: Wealth
Chapter 3: Production, Consumption, Labour, Necessaries
Chapter 4: Income, Capital

Book Three: On Wants and Their Satisfaction

Chapter 1: Introductory
Chapter 2: Wants in Relation to Activities
Chapter 3: Gradations of Consumers' Demand
Chapter 4: The Elasticity of Wants
Chapter 5: Choice between Different Uses of the Same Thing
Chapter 6: Value and Utility

Book Four: The Agents of Production

Chapter 1: Introductory
Chapter 2: The Fertility of Land
Chapter 3: Tendency to Diminishing Return
Chapter 4: The Growth of Population
Chapter 5: The Health and Strength of the Population
Chapter 6: Industrial Training
Chapter 7: The Growth of Wealth
Chapter 8: Industrial Organization
Chapter 9: Division of Labour. The Influence of Machinery
Chapter 10: Concentration of Industries in Particular Localities
Chapter 11: Production on a Large Scale
Chapter 12: Business Management
Chapter 13: Conclusion. Tendencies to Increasing and Diminishing Return

Book Five: The General Relations of Demand

Chapter 1: Introductory. On Markets
Chapter 2: Temporary Equilibrium of Demand and Supply
Chapter 3: Equilibrium of Normal Demand and Supply
Chapter 4: The Investment and Distribution of Resources
Chapter 5: Equilibrium of Normal Demand and Supply
Chapter 6: Joint and Composite Demand
Chapter 7: Prime and Total Cost in Relation to Joint Products
Chapter 8: Marginal Costs in Relation to Values
Chapter 9: General Principles, Continued
Chapter 10: Marginal Costs in Relation to Agricultural Values
Chapter 11: Marginal Costs in Relation to Urban Value
Chapter 12: Equilibrium of Normal Demand and Supply, Continued
Chapter 13: The Doctrine of Maximum Satisfaction
Chapter 14: The Theory of Monopolies
Chapter 15: General Theory of Equilibrium of Demand & Supply

Book Six: The Distribution of the National Income