Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

System of Economical Contradictions: or,
The Philosophy of Poverty

Written: 1847
Source: Rod Hay's Archive for the History of Economic Thought, McMaster University, Canada
Translated from the French by Benjamin R. Tucker. 1888
html Markup: Andy Blunden

Table of Contents:

Introduction:  The hypothesis of a God
Chapter I:     Of the Economic Science
Chapter II:    Opposition of value in USE and value in EXCHANGE
Chapter III:   Economic Evolutions. — First Period. — The Division of Labor
Chapter IV:   Second Period. — Machinery
Chapter V:    Third Period. — Competition
Chapter VI:   Fourth Period. — Monopoly
Chapter VII:  Fifth Period. — Police, Or Taxation
Chapter VIII: Of the Responsibility of Man and Of God, Under the Law of Contradiction, Or a Solution of the Problem of Providence