Pierre-Joseph Proudhon 1840

What is Property?
An Inquiry into the Principle of Right and of Government

Written: in French, 1840;
Original E-text: Charles Keller and David Seaman;
Source: University of Virginia Library Electronic Text Center, http://etext.lib.virginia.edu/;
Translated: from the French by Benjamin R. Tucker;
First Published: by Humboldt Publishing Company c. 1890.


First Memoir. Law of the Twelve Tables

Adversus hostem aeterna auctertas esto
Against the enemy, revendication is eternal.

Chapter I. Method Pursued in this Work. The Idea of a Revolution.

Chapter II. Property Considered as a Natural Right. Occupation, and Civil Law as Efficient Bases of Property. Definitions.

Chapter III. Labor as the Efficient Cause of the Domain of Property.

Chapter IV. That Property is Impossible.

Chapter V. Psychological Exposition of the Idea of Justice and Injustice, and a Determination of the Principles of Government and of Right.

Second Memoir

Letter to M. Blanqui. Paris, April 1, 1841.