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Children's Art of the 1917 Revolution
Russian creche images (ca. 1930)
Russian students images
Editorial cartoons

Children's Art of the 1917 Revolution

Theater demonstration "A Bolshevik and a Bourgeois.
The inscription on the
Bolshevik's banner reads:
Down with the Provisional Government
and the bourgeoisie!"
"People lining up
outside a butcher shop."
"Red Guards in a Truck" "An armored car
(the letters stand for
the Russian Soviet of
Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies.")
"A black marketeer"

Russian Creche Images, ca. 1930

A Town Creche A Country Creche Creche on a
Collective farm
Town shower
A Country Shower Getting weighed At work Ploughing
in the field
Eating at a table Playing outside At a Factory Club
mothers are taught to
how dress their babies
Doors of the Museum
for the Protection of
Motherhood and Infancy--
frescoe by Favorsky

Russian Students Images

Secondary School Students
Modern Swanetia (ca 1930)

Editorial cartoons

The Chameleon and
the Order-Bearer
A. Radakov
Model Son
I. Semyenov
German Labour Reserves
G. Valk