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The Soviet Circus

Source: The Soviet Circus: A Collection of Articles, 1967;
Translated: Fainna Glagoleva;
Compiled: Alexander Lipovsky;
Photographs: Y. Savalov and others;
HTML Markup: For in February, 2002.

The Durovs, Y. Dmitriyev, 1963

The Circuses of Europe, A. Gryazno, 1963

Chekhov and the Circus, L. Gavrilenko, 1960

A. Kuprin, Circus Fan, H. Verzhbitsky, 1960

Maxim Gorky's Impressions of the Circus, A. Lebedeva, 1958

Stanislavsky's Love of the Circus, A. Anastasyev, 1963

"Merry Evenings" at the Art Theatre, V. Gotovfsev, 1962

Fond Recollections, Alisa Koonen, 1963

Moscow in Flames, (V. Mayakovsky and the Circus), A. Fevralsky, 1940

Meyerhold and the Circus, A. Fevralsky, 1963

Sergei Eisenstein's Circus Projects, Y. Krasovsky, 1960