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Socialist Realism Exhibits



Waiting, 1945. Post-Stalin (1975-1985), set in 1945 at the end of WWII. Painted by Ivan Babenko. Oil on canvas, 123x167 cm.


Anthem of the People's Love. Stalin-era (1950-51). Painted by Oleksi Shovkunenko, Platon Biletsky, & Igor Reznik. Oil on canvas, 400x600 cm.

Anthem of the People's Love
Lenin With Villagers

Lenin With Villagers. Post-Stalin (1959). Painted by Evdokiya Usikova (Ukraine). Oil on canvas, 133cm x 197cm.

Roses for Stalin. Stalin-era (1949). Painted by Boris Ieremeevich Vladimirski. Oil on canvas, 100.5 x 141 cm.

Roses for Stalin

Convoy. Post-Stalin (1984). Painted by Vladimir Firsov (Ukraine). Pastel, 26" x 32".

Celebration. Stalin-era (1950s). Painted by T.S.Naumova (Ukraine). Oil on Canvas, 131 x 179cm.

Happy Reuniting

Happy Reuniting. Post-Stalin (1950s). Painted by Deryazhny Fedor Ivanovich (Ukraine). Oil on Canvas, 66 x 86cm.

Steel Workers. Stalin-era (1950). Painted by V.Malagis. Oil on Canvas, 162 x 200cm.

Steel Workers
Young Steel Workers

Young Steel Workers. Post-Stalin (1961). Painted by Ivan Bevzenko (Ukraine). Oil on Canvas, 80 x 156 cm.

Black Ravens. Stalin-era (unknown, probably 1930s). Black Ravens was the nickname for Stalin's Secret Police cars, who came at night, surrounding death. Suprisingly, this painting passed by censors, and like all of Wladimirskij's bleak paintings, was displayed throughout the Soviet Union. Painted by Boris Jeremejewitsch Wladimirskij. Oil on Canvas, 162 x 200cm.

Black Ravens
Drama in Soviet Court

Drama in Soviet Court. Post-Stalin (1955). Painted by Solodovnikov. Oil on Canvas, 110 x 130 cm.

Picking up the Banner 1957-1960. Painted by Gely Mikhailovich Korzhev-Chuvelev, 1925-. At Russian State Museum. Oil on Canvas, 156 x 290cm.

Picking up the Banner


The majority of these images came from scans made by the: Russian Art Gallery. This is an extremely small sampling of Socialist Realist paintings – they span an enourmous spectrum through many different styles and subject matter. This genre is extremely diverse and rich in style, criticism, and depth.