Walter Crane

The Capitalist Vampire
The Comrade 1903
Mrs. Grundy Frightened at her own Shadow
Commonweal may 1886
The Strong Man
Justice May, 1897
Beset by Beasts at Bassen-Twaite, 1870
In Memory of the Paris Commune
Black and White 1891
International Solidarity of Labour
Vive la Commune
Commonweal May, 1887
The party Fight and the New Party,
or Liberalism and Toryism
Disturbed by the appearance of Socialism
Cover for
Cartoons for the Cause 1896
The Donkey and the Common
Justice, 1898
A Garland for May Day
Clarion 1895
A Merry Christmas
Disturbed by the appearance of Socialism
Labour Leader, 1897
The Worker's May Pole
The True Answer to Jingoism—
International Socialist and
Trade Union Congress, 1896
Justice, 1896

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