Science to Aid Production

Source: PEKING REVIEW Vol.1 No.3, March 18, 1958

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The role of the scientists in China was discussed at length by Vice-Premier Nieh Jung-chen at the fifth session of the Planning Committee for the Development of Science which met in Peking from March 5 to March 12.

Nieh Jung-chen, Chairman of the Committee, stressed the principle that science should serve the needs of production. As industry and agriculture are going forward by leaps and bounds, science should keep pace. There is a pressing demand for a revolution in production techniques and the replacement of old-fashioned tools with modern ones. This is a challenge to the scientists, from the working people, for better equipment and methods of production. Nieh Jung-chen said that men of science must meet this challenge.

Me discussed the rectification campaign among the scientists and pointed out how bourgeois thoughts and habits harm the political understanding of the scientists and impede the progress of scientific work. For the tasks that confront China today there are not enough scientists. The older scientists, therefore, must assume the responsibilities of training the younger generation, he said, while trying to do more for the country themselves.

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