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U.N. Has No Right Whatsoever to Discuss Vietnam Question

[This article is reprinted from Peking Review , Vol. 9, #6, Feb. 4, 1966, pp. 9-10.]

WHILE U.S. aircraft are raining bombs on north Vietnam, U.S. aggressor troops have gone on a rampage in the south. At this time, the U.S. delegate to the United Nations has again shamelessly dished up the “unconditional discussions” proposal which smells to high heaven and presented it as a “draft resolution” to the U.N. Security Council.

Whom can U.S. imperialism deceive by asking the United Nations to discuss the Vietnam question at this moment, putting up a front of “upholding international peace”? No amount of sophistry can cover up its crime of quickening the pace for a widening war of aggression against Vietnam.

The Vietnam question has nothing to do with the United Nations. No country in the world has the right to ask the United Nations to discuss this question, still less U.S. imperialism whose place as the chief culprit in aggression against Vietnam should be in the dock.

The spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam has pointed out that “on the international plane, consideration of the U.S. war acts in Vietnam falls within the competence of the 1954 Geneva conference on Indo-China, and not of the U.N. Security Council. Any resolution by the U.N. Security Council intervening in the Vietnam question will be null and void.” The Chinese people resolutely support this unshakable stand of Vietnam. Should anyone, disregarding this solemn affirmation of the Vietnamese people, continue to make eyes at U.S. imperialism or even join up with it, he will only succeed in revealing even more clearly his evil nature.

The Vietnam question can only be solved in accordance with the principles and spirit of the Geneva agreements. Under present conditions, these principles and spirit find their concentrated expression in the four-point stand of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and in the five-part statement of the South Vietnam National Front for Liberation. All U.S. aggressors must quit S. Vietnam without exception; Vietnam’s affairs must be settled by the Vietnamese themselves. The United States will never succeed in its attempt to use the United Nations to help it in its war of aggression against Vietnam!

(“Renmin Ribao” editorial, February 2, 1966.)

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