Round the World


Shedding the Mask

[This article is reprinted from Peking Review, Vol. 11, #43, Oct. 25, 1968, pp. 28-29.]

Mexican students have recently unleashed a gigantic nationwide struggle against persecution and massacre. Directed against U.S. imperialism and its agents in Mexico, the struggle has the support of students and youth in the other Latin American countries and of revolutionary people all over the world. However, when on October 14 the Latin American students in the Soviet Union demonstrated in Moscow in solidarity with the Mexican student movement an entirely justified revolutionary action the Soviet revisionist renegade clique had the gall to call out large numbers of police and secret agents and, without any reason, obstructed the students from marching to the Mexican embassy.

This ugly performance by the Soviet revisionists is just one more self-exposure. They like to pass themselves off as “friends” of the Asian, African and Latin American people. But time and again they have torn aside their masks with their own hands and showed their vile countenances. They are anti-people and counter-revolutionary.

Of course, there is nothing new in the Soviet revisionists suppressing revolutionary mass movements. Three years ago, they committed a similar outrage in which they sent more than 700 troops and armed police to suppress more than 2,000 Asian, African and Latin American students studying in the Soviet Union who demonstrated in support of the Vietnamese people’s struggle against U.S. aggression and for national salvation.

Significant, too, is the fact that when the Soviet revisionists sent troops to occupy Czechoslovakia, popular protest demonstrations against this were disrupted and suppressed in countries of Latin America and other regions where the reactionaries are in power. The Soviet revisionist renegade clique has now resorted to the same tactics against Latin American students in the Soviet Union who expressed support for the Mexican student movement. It is thus very clear what kind of ties link the Soviet revisionist renegades and the reactionaries of all countries.

Our great leader Chairrnan Mao teaches us: “Whoever sides with the revolutionary people is a revolutionary. Whoever sides with imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat-capitalism is a counter-revolutionary.” The Soviet revisionist renegades are a clique of outright counter-revolutionaries who side with imperialism and the reactionaries of all countries. This gang of renegades not only fraternizes with U.S. imperialism but is also on intimate terms with Suharto and Rahman in Asia, Mobutu in Africa and the many running dogs of U.S. imperialism in Latin America.

Chairman Mao has pointed out: “Those backed by imperialism are precisely those discarded by the broad masses of the people.” The Soviet revisionist renegade clique has degenerated into a gang of social-imperialists. That is why it treats the reactionaries discarded by the peoples as bosom friends and gives them all-out support while treating the revolutionary masses, whom the reactionaries of all countries hate, as enemies and does its utmost to suppress them.

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