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Round the World


Irresistible Torrent

[This article is reprinted from Peking Review, Vol. 11, #43, Oct. 25, 1968, p. 29.]

A great revolutionary storm against U.S. imperialism is sweeping the islands of Japan. Workers, youth, students and town people in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and other cities have all taken part in a powerful offensive against U.S. imperialism and the reactionary Sato government. They are out to smash the Japan-U.S. “security treaty,” dismantle the U.S. military bases and block the shipment of U.S. military supplies to Vietnam. The demonstrators even threw up barricades in downtown Tokyo and fought bloody police suppression with rocks. Once again the Japanese revolutionary people have showed their heroism - they dare defy brute force and they dare struggle.

In the past year the Japanese people have launched successive waves of patriotic, anti-U.S. struggle which have battered the U.S. and Japanese reactionaries severely. The Japanese revolutionary people are tempering themselves and constantly raising their political consciousness through these repeated fierce struggles. They are determined to use their own iron fists to smash the fetters forced on the Japanese nation by U.S. imperialism.

In the face of this mounting struggle by the Japanese people, the U.S. and Japanese reactionaries are scared stiff. Resorting to ruthless fascist means to intensify bloody suppression, they are at the same time trying their utmost to spread all kinds of demagogic illusions through the service of their lackey and henchman, the Miyamoto revisionist clique. Their aim is to paralyse the fighting will of the revolutionary people and undermine the Japanese people’s patriotic anti-U.S. struggle.

Lately, this clique has clamoured that a single “notice” issued by a “democratic government” to be formed by “a majority in parliament” would be enough to “put an end” to the Japan-U.S. “security treaty.” What this implies is that the Japanese people have no need whatsoever to carry on the anti-U.S. struggle; that they should wait patiently for the day when the Miyamoto revisionist clique suddenly wins a “majority” in parliament; and then a single “notice” would “bestow” national independence on the Japanese people, and the U.S.-Japanese reactionaries would amiably step down from the stage of history. This kind of cock-and-bull story is out-and-out counter-revolutionary rubbish!

Our great teacher Chairman Mao has pointed out: “The oppressed peoples and nations must not pin their hopes for liberation on the ‘sensibleness’ of imperialism and its lackeys. They will only triumph by strengthening their unity and persevering in their struggle.”

The Japanese people know that they must never depend on the “kindness” of the U.S. and Japanese reactionaries for their liberation. This can be won only by relying on the revolutionary people’s firm unity and by persevering in struggle, forging ahead wave upon wave. The revolutionary torrent of the Japanese people will roll on mightily and sweep away the U.S.-Japanese reactionaries and all their accomplices and henchmen!

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