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New 100,000-Kilowatt Thermal Power Generator Unit in Operation

[This brief article is reprinted from Peking Review, Vol. 11, #43, Oct. 25, 1968, p. 31.]

A NEW 100,000-kilowatt thermal power generator unit has recently gone into operation at the Shihchingshan Power Plant in Peking. It is the first Chinese designed, made and installed unit of its kind. It gives added power to the new upsurge that has got going in Peking’s industry and agriculture.

This generator unit is highly automatic, safe and reliable, very efficient, compact and light, and technically up to advanced standards. Its designing, manufacture, installation and putting into operation are the brilliant results achieved by the Chinese working class battling on the industrial power front where, in accordance with our great leader Chairman Mao’s great teaching “Be self-reliant, work hard, do away with all fetishes and superstitions and emancipate the mind,” it has developed the dauntless revolutionary spirit of daring to think, to act and to make revolution and worked hard to overcome many difficulties. The commissioning of this new generator unit has also provided valuable experience for the rapid development of China’s electric power industry.

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