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International Communist Movement

Soviet Revisionists Have Degenerated Into
Imperialists Waving the Signboard of Socialism

—Statement by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Brazil Condemns
Soviet revisionists for their crime of aggression against Czechoslovakia

[This article is reprinted from Peking Review, Vol. 11, #44, Nov. 1, 1968, pp. 20-21.]

Firmly believes that the Soviet people, the Czechoslovak people and the people
of other countries will rise against the renegades who are oppressing them

THE Central Committee of the Communist Party of Brazil, in a recent statement, strongly condemned the Soviet revisionist renegade clique for its criminal aggression against Czechoslovakia. The Soviet modern revisionists, the statement pointed out, have degenerated into imperialists waving the signboard of socialism and are collaborating with U.S. imperialism in an attempt to redivide the world.

It said that the aggression against Czechoslovakia by the troops of the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact allies constituted one of the major crimes committed by the modern revisionists. The infamous act of the group headed by Brezhnev and Kosygin has blemished the glorious revolutionary tradition of the Soviet people. It has started operations of a typical imperialist nature.

The statement pointed out: The present leading group in the Soviet Union is a gang of renegades to the workers’ movement, and it represents a privileged bourgeois stratum in Soviet society. Under the rule of this revisionist clique, the nature of the regime established by the October Revolution has changed, the socialist gains have been wiped out and capitalism has been restored. These renegades have sunk to the most shameless position of collaborating with U.S. imperialism in an attempt to divide the world into U.S. and Soviet spheres of influence. Together with the most reactionary forces, they have formed a holy alliance against the people, against revolution and against communism.

The Czechoslovak revisionists, the statement said, are sliding along a similar road of betrayal. They have also forfeited the gains won by the labouring people and have led their country to capitalism. Novotny is an out-and-out revisionist and his successor, Dubcek, is also a shameless revisionist.

The statement continued: The Soviet modern revisionists have revealed their true features before the people of the world. They are nothing but imperialists and fascists masquerading as defenders of socialism. They are hypocritically flaunting the flag of communism to deceive the working people and oppress the Soviet and other peoples. While always invoking the name of Lenin, they have in fact carried out a policy completely negating Leninism. They are a bunch of barefaced politicians working hand in glove with the White House gangsters in an effort to dominate the world.

The Brazilian people, the statement pointed out, realize that the Soviet Union is no longer a socialist country. The Communist Party of Brazil strongly condemns the Soviet Union for its aggression against Czechoslovakia. Despite the fact that Czechoslovakia is now under revisionist domination, the Czechoslovak working people will take up the historical task of reestablishing the dictatorship of the proletariat and of eliminating the renegades to the communist cause. At the same time, it is necessary to overthrow the privileged bourgeois stratum which is in power in the Soviet Union. And this task will surely be accomplished by the working class and the labouring people of the Soviet Union.

The statement said: The Brazilian proletarian revolutionaries have persisted in denouncing the infamous activities of the revisionists. Together with the Marxist-Leninists throughout the world, they support and express solidarity with the people of Lenin’s country, the people of Gottwald’s country and the people of other countries in their struggle to overthrow the revisionist cliques. They firmly believe that the Czechoslovak people, the Soviet people and the people of other countries will rise against the renegades who are oppressing them. The Communist Party of Brazil holds that all the revolutionary people of the world should unite and carry out a persevering struggle against U.S. imperialism and its ally, Soviet revisionism.

The statement said in conclusion: “Millions of ordinary people the world over, including the Soviet people, have come to realize that Brezhnev and Kosygin are enemies of the peoples, that they are carrying out a policy which is contrary to the interests of the peoples. The spearhead of the struggle of the peoples will surely be directed against modern revisionism and Yankee imperialism.

“The Marxist-Leninist Parties have won the highest prestige and authority because they have consistently denounced the betrayal by revisionism and have pointed out the genuine road of revolution. Truth is on the side of the Marxist-Leninist Parties. Upholding the dictatorship of the proletariat and holding high the banner of the great proletarian cultural revolution, the Communist Party of China, under the wise leadership of Mao Tse-tung, has become the most powerful and advanced detachment of world revolution. The Albanian Party of Labour, led by the long-tested Marxist-Leninist, Enver Hoxha, has become an invincible bulwark of socialism.

“No matter how the imperialists and revisionists intensify their counter-revolutionary activities, revolution is moving forward irresistibly. The flames of class struggle are raging everywhere. No one can prevent the people of the world from winning victory. Communism has increasingly become the great and sole hope of the exploited and the oppressed, the guiding light for the people who are fighting to free themselves from capitalist oppressions.”

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