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Round the World


Persevering in Guerrilla War

[This brief item is reprinted from Peking Review, Vol. 11, #44, Nov. 1, 1968, p. 27.]

Led by the Communist Party of Malaya, the National Liberation Army has carried on an armed struggle for 20 years.

Beginning from last year, the enemy unleashed repeated, large-scale “mopping-up” campaigns against the Liberation Army. Thousands of troops were thrown in during these operations in frequent, day and night “raids” and attacks against the people’s forces in a vain effort to annihilate them. However, in the face of the latter’s courageous counter-attacks, all the enemy offensives suffered humiliating defeats.

The National Liberation Army won a brilliant victory in June this year when a whole enemy platoon was wiped out in an ambush at Kroh, in Perak State, north Malaya. The Liberation Army has been active along the Malaya-Thai border since last July, and its numerous ambushes have struck fear into the hearts of the enemy.

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